Children & Youth Ministry

Equipping students to know Jesus!

As a Children’s and Youth ministry, our desire as a church is to help students explore the truths of Scripture. Within these ministries, we cover a wide range of ages. We have classes for children Birth-12th Grade. These classes include Sunday School, Nursery, Children’s Church, and Jr. Church. Along with these classes, our church offers what we call CTS (Church Training Service). This is where students are able to study the Bible and then show what they know at various CTS expos around the state and nation.


Church Training Services

The purpose of the CTS Program is to help students identify and develop their God-given abilities for use in service to Him and His church.


Every child is capable of worship.

All worship does not look the same.

The Bible is the Word of God and our guide.

Scripture memory and understanding is vital for a lifelong faith.

Music and the Arts are appropriate expressions of worship.

We must surrender our gifts to God for His purpose and His glory.

We are not gifted to bring honor to ourselves.

A student’s participation or placement in the CTS Ministry Expo does not value one person’s gift over the other.

Next STeps

We Gather Every Sunday

Sunday School- 10:00 am

Sunday Service: 11:00 am